Ireland’s Oldest and boldest Pie company. We know from years of experience that crust is a must & we are up to high dough here as we mince, cook, bake for Ireland’s sake to get our age old recipes on those shelves for you. In the rare aul times, we had a pork butcher shop on South Circular Road where my dad probably sold to your dad and many more. Now, I have taken the reigns & run the company.

We love to talk to our customers as we are the proud producers of what you eat. Fill up your trolley, or grab it and go; from busy mums to students, to all homes they go. Grab it, Heat & Eat it & please don’t be shy; jump on our social & tell us how you liked your pie.

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After a hundred years, we hope you’re still satisfied!

Our recipes are the same today as they were then and we still aim to provide the best quality product we can.

Really like the quality and taste

“I really like the quality and taste of Mogerley’s pies and sausages. I also think the packaging design is very classy!”

Wil Lyons


Absolutely gorgeous

“I got the curry one last Thursday absolutely gorgeous and had another one yesterday. They’re definitely on my shopping list nomnomnomnom!.”

Isso Larkin

(Via Facebook)

Love them…..

“Love the beef curry one. The chicken one’s ace also!”

Denis Whelan

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